Commercial Real Estate
Due Diligence Management

Our firm provides document due diligence management for commercial real estate transactions on a national basis. We specialize in the coordination of ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys, Zoning Compliance Reports, Environmental Site Assessments and other due diligence services. We support our clients at every stage of the transaction with speed, accuracy, technical expertise and on-going communication.

Standardized Survey Format:

  • Our surveys were designed with the most current ALTA/ACSM minimum standards as the starting point for the layout. See survey link »
  • All Table A items can be found in the same location on each survey, thus simplifying the reading, reviewing & interpretation process.
  • Title page (on front of survey) features project name, site name & address, and surveyor’s certification for quick reference.
  • Surveys fold to 8 ½” x 11” for easy file storage See survey link »

Rapport with Local Surveyors:

  • Our fair treatment of local surveyors typically translates into getting quicker service and better pricing than others may receive from the same surveyors
  • We have a working relationship with several surveyors in all areas of the country, which minimizes the risk of over reliance on just one
  • We ask local surveyors for bids on both cost and performance time to ensure lowest price, quickest turnaround time or combination of both is secured for our client

Project Management Software:

  • Our project management software was created specifically for firms engaged in managing the procurement of due diligence reports for either single-site or multi-site commercial real estate transactions
  • The process of setting up new projects transpires quickly so fees and performance times can be collected from local surveyors without delay
  • Management tools such as “Document Due Calendar”, “Employee Task List” and “Document Missing Report” enable us to problem-solve prior to closings or due dates
  • Auto-Generated features quicken the process of performing repetitive tasks and allow us the ability to deliver information to numerous parties in an efficient manner

Business News

August 2014

American National assists a leading real estate & private equity firm with 54 site housing and golf course portfolio disposition on the east coast valued $1,4000,000,000.

July 2014

American National partners with multi-family REIT to close refinance portfolio of 28 communities in 7 states across the U.S.

June 2014

American National helps self-storage company facilitate a 124 site refinance portfolio in 11 states across the U.S.

May 2014

American National partners with Health Care firm to close a 9 site acquisition of long-term care facilities.

April 2014

American National partners with AM Law 100 firm to close a 9 location radio and broadcasting acquisition.

March 2014

American National represents retail firm in acquisition of 150 drug store locations across 20 states.

February 2014

American National assists self storage client in redevelopment project completing 159 facilities in US and Canada .

January 2014

American National represents client in acquisition of 13 assisted living facilities in 4 states on the east coast.

December 2013

American National partners with AM Law 100 firm close acquisition of 28 multi family properties.